25 May 2016

Parmesan cheese isn't vegetarian!

The first proper blow is landed in our quest to become vegetarians:

Parmesan cheese isn't vegetarian.

*puts head between knees and hyperventilates into brown paper bag*

Of course, there ARE alternatives to the calf rennet found in Parmesan, but for the cheese to CALL itself Parmesan, it has to have the calf stuff in it.

What a blow.

My aubergine parmigiana is completely fecked.

PIZZAS are FECKED! *weeps uncontrollably as if someone has told her Tom Hiddleston bats for the other team*

I need a replacement for the hard, salty gorgeousness that is Parmesan!!

Suggestions PLEASE!!!!

ok - Sarah (via fb) suggests this: And it IS suitable for vegetarians!


  1. I'm not finding any so far that uses something other than calf rennet :-/