21 May 2016

Vegetarian Biscuits | Tunnocks

Still the best biscuits in the world

As a Scot, the Tunnocks family of biscuits holds a place very close to my heart: a furred artery *boomtish, eyethankewe*

My wedding cake came from Tunnocks.  And no, it wasn't a massive teacake.  It was a proper gorgeous traditional 3-tier fruit cake. It was lovely.  I can recommend Tunnocks for wedding cakes!

No, I adore Tunnocks Caramel Wafers and I am delighted to note that they are suitable for vegetarians.  As are:

Tunnocks Teacakes
Tunnocks Caramel Logs
Tunnocks Wafer Creams
Tunnocks Snowballs

If these Scottish delicacies are unfamiliar to you, I suggest that you remedy this immediately.  Your entry level Tunnocks should be a Caramel Log - user friendly, divine with a cup of tea.

For children - or the terminally bored - the Tunnocks Teacake gives your tongue a great exercise in demolishing the soft fluffy stuff whilst keeping the chocolate intact ....

For the experienced biscuit devourer, I would recommend the Snowball or Caramel Log - preventing the coconut from going everywhere as you eat will tax your skills.


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