19 May 2016

Why I am adopting a vegetarian diet ...

I love meat.

I salivate when I get near the butcher meat aisle in supermarkets.

I am on first name terms with my local butchers.

I eat meat from bits of animals bodies that you probably would blanche to feed to your dog.

I adore it all.

Yet I'm giving it all up - why?

Good meat is expensive.  But it's not because of the money.

The simple truth is that I had an ethical epiphany.  Which is not easy to say with your teeth in.

I am the owner (well, more truthfully SLAVE) to a retired racing greyhound and I am keen to support charities that look for homes for these wonderful, docile darlings.  A few months ago I learned that dogs from Australia were being flown out to Macau to race in a place called the Canidrome.

And when the dogs are injured or no longer up to speed, they end up in the meat industry.

I was appalled.

And yet immediately stricken by the double standard that I was living:
My dog is sacred to me, but in other cultures, they're no different to how we see cattle in ours.

I could no longer square my eating of animals with my ethics.

So I have stopped.  Hopefully for good, but blogging for a year to see whether I can truly embrace the philosophy.

But it feels good to look a lamb in the eye and say 'I don't eat you.'


  1. Good for you, but I love eating beasts too much to join you. That said, I do love vegetable dishes too (none of that faux meat rubbish though), so I'm hoping you share plenty of yummy recipes :D

    1. I will! I'm just off this very minute to make the sweet potato and peanut butter effort that we tried last night for the first time. It is very yummy indeed!

  2. Well done, you. It's certainly life changing, that epiphany. I ate vegan for years because the egg and dairy industry are appalling. I'm vegetarian now, but it wouldn't surprise me if I went back to vegan at some point. I just feel better about everything (and I weigh less!) when I'm vegan. :)