19 May 2016

Steak pie and friends

From the MacMillan Stand Up To Cancer
Art Exhibition - I really wanted to buy it,
but as you can tell by the red dot, some
blighter beat me to it!
We'd only been into the veggie thing about a fortnight when friends asked my son and I up for dinner one Sunday evening

'It's steak pie with locally bred beef!' they announced.

For a moment, I was on the horns of a dilemma - should I remind my friends that Sonshine and I are veggie now and risk looking ungrateful, give them extra cooking worries and costs? Or just keep my mouth shut and eat the pie?

I kept my mouth shut and ate the damned pie.

Because, in the end, it was more important for me to appreciate and enjoy my friends' company than stick to my new ethics.

Was I wrong?


  1. Nope. Your friends made an effort and you hadn't yet got to the stage of finding meat difficult to digest, so you did the right thing. Presumably they are now aware of your change in diet, so the situation won't occur again

    1. Yup - you're right! We've been up subsequently and tucked into Margherita pizzas - veggie!!

  2. You weren't wrong, but I wouldn't have done it. I would have told them I was vegetarian and would be perfectly happy to enjoy the side vegetables. I would offer to bring something along for a potluck, if they liked. :)